Draw lines on a ZipIt Z2. Runs direct from the console, using DirectFB. Use for ultra-simple graphics hacks on your ZipIt from your favourite scripting language.

Lineslave expects to be able to use a 320x240 (actually 240x320) framebuffer in RGB565 format.



(in development, subject to change at random times).

Input format

x             : clear screen
m [x] [y]     : move to x, y (floating-point, between 0 & 1).
d [x] [y]     : draw to x, y
c [r] [g] [b] : set colour to r, g, b (floats, between 0 & 1).
f             : flip screen (double buffering)

Output format

Keys typed on the keypad are emitted to standard output.

Use as perl module

You can also use lineslave as a Perl module (wrapped using SWIG). It's barely tested so far, but is probably much faster than using a separate process.

Command-line arguments

  -d         : enable double buffering
  -w         : enable Wu lines
  -g [gamma] : set gamma value for Wu lines